Hainanese Chicken Rice 海南鸡饭

This is the Top Food in Singapore invented by 2 Singaporean brothers (瑞记) in 1950s at Seah Street (Hainanese district).

It is a simple recipe but the real ‘kong-fu’ secret is the timing (火候) and steps. Observe the instructions (critical step to have iced water bath) strictly to get the tender QQ Hainanese Chicken. By ‘QQ’ I mean the meat is not too tough (over cooked), no blood (under cooked), and you taste the meat tenderness in every bite.

The chicken rice is cooked using the water boiled with the chicken. (Pandan leave is an option).

To avoid too oily in rice and soup, peal off the fat at the behind of chicken. Some people use the fat to fry the rice, before cooking in rice cooker, to increase fragrance (though not so healthy).

Garnish with cucumbers, tomatoes and 香菜 (Chinese coriander). Drop evenly few drops of sesame oil on the chicken meats after cut. Go to Youtube to learn the technique of cutting chicken for display on serving plate. See also Boneless chicken cut.

Of course, you can’t eat this dish without the dark soya sauce (老抽) and red chilli sauce (or you can get from China Town).

Every Singaporean student should know how to cook this National Signature Dish the “Hainanese Chicken Rice”. Practice makes perfect.
It took me many years to attain the QQ level by trials and errors 🙂

Below was my ‘masterpiece’:









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