Singapore old hawkers are retiring, most would lose their 40 odd years of cooking skills in Wanton noodle, Char Kway Teow, Hainanese chicken rice, Nasi Lemak,etc, because their children will not take over the trade.

It is about time to pass down their skill to younger generation who aspire to be hawkerpreneurs.

The WDA / NEA and private sector join hands together with this “Hawker Master Trainer Pilot Program” to train 50 hawkers in first batch training, with 90% fee subsidised by WDA.

May be Singapore should establish our own “Le Cordon Bleu” to teach our best hawker food.

We have already lost some of the best hawker dishes from our father’s generation in the 60s, like Opei leaf Hokkien soupy noodle with longish clams (cooked with charcoal) , Swee Kee 瑞记 Hainanese Chicken rice, authentic Teochew fish-ball noodle etc. We don’t want our children to lose anymore our best such as Hokkien sotong noodle, Char Kway Teow 炒粿条, Wanton noodle 云吞面


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