Saba Fish 秋刀鱼除骨

This method of remove bones from Saba fish is good, but the fish after ‘surgery’ looks messy – not presentable on table.

My French colleague taught me a better way of how to eat trout, like Saba delicious fish but also with many small bonnes:

1. Slice open the top of fish from middle along the backbone.
2. Open up the fish meat, lift up from middle to left and right side.
3. Cut the tail bone at the end.
4. Use finger to lift up the tail bone, the whole backbone will be pulled up as well.
Notice all the small bones in meat will be lifted up too.
5. Break the backbone from the fish head.
6. Put back the left and right fish meat to cover the fish body. Voilà! Much more presentable display on table:)

Saba Fish 秋刀鱼


Trout 鳟鱼



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