7 Tips To Learn A Foreign Language

This 63-yr-old american speaks 10 languages, he summarised 7 tips in learning languages below – in perfect Chinese!

The 7 tips are:

1) Brain is by nature able to acquire knowledge ;

2) Input to brain: ie. stimuli to brain with language related inputs: reading, listening, immersed in the language environment…

3) Love the language: emotion

4) Curiosity:

[Note: ]


A 16-year-old american boy was in Nanjing (China) 60 years ago looking for chinese adult porno classics to pass his lonely time, encountered the 16th century Ming Dynasty Classic “Plum in the Golden Vase ” 金瓶梅 which was also a pornography book (the author was anonymous under a pseudo-name). His curiosity led him to master Chinese,  and decided to spend his entire life to translate it into English. This book is one of the 4 masterpieces of Chinese classics (the other 3 are  “The Romance of Three Kingdoms” 三国演义, “All men are Brothers” 水浒传 and “The Dream of Red Chamber” 红楼梦) portrayed the daily life of 16th century chinese in all walks of society, from farming, business, civil servant Exams, politics, cuisine, medicine to bedroom. China was then the world’s richest country but declining for the next 400 years until 1949.

5) Motivation to learn the language.

6) Do not fear change: different vocab, grammar from  mother tongue, most adults have fear and resist to change. Children do not fear, so good to start a foreign language at early age.

7) Class room learning is inferior to Internet free video materials.


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