The World’s Top 3 Cuisines

Recently I read an article which ranks the world’s top three cuisines (not in order): French, Chinese and Turkish.

Do you agree ?

I have yet to discover Turkish cuisine. (See next blogs)

My first encounter with French cuisine was in the 1976 autumn when I was  studying French language at the world’s most  beautiful coast – The French Riviera (蔚蓝海洋) La Côte d’Azur near Nice, in southern France. The local cuisine is mediterranean.

My French Cultural professor was  never too shy to praise the French cuisine in our class of all international students. However, one day when he repeatedly said,
La cuisine française est la meilleure du monde.
(French cuisine is the best in the world)

he noticed the 15 Singaporean chinese students in the class were flipping and dropping the pen in our fingers.

He quickly corrected his statement,
“But … my wife likes Chinese cuisine, so I agree with her that French cuisine is ranked after Chinese.” 🙂

As a matter of fact, both cuisines are equally good with their unique style of cooking, sophistication and presentation. As the French expression goes,
À chacun son goût.
(Everybody has his own taste)

Chinese Cuisine:中华料理


La Cuisine Française:


Turkish Cuisine:


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