Amazon Flying Drone – Futuristic Parcel Delivery

Amazon “Prime Air” is a drone (flying plane sans pilot) which takes your Amazon ordered parcel, flies it to your house’s doorstep. Sound like science fiction, but workable in small country like Singapore where 90% of the population stay in pigeonhole-like or ‘match-box’ like HDB flats, these drones could fly into any specific window of the flat (which would have bar-coded house unit number plate).

Watch the video:

I remembered in the 60s when HDB flats were the ‘modern houses’ for Singaporeans evacuated from kampongs (villages), we saw everyday at 6 am an indian newspapers delivery man on a bicycle would park on the open field behind my HDB block at Jalan Klinik (in Bukit Ho Swee), he would then throw the newspapers (tied in a bundle with rubber bands) up through the window of the subscriber’s house on high-rise floors (up to 10th floor). I admired his parabolic trajectory throw with almost 99 % accuracy (1% dropped down or into wrong houses). This indian skill will be replaced by high-tech Amazon drone. Why not ?

Picture of HDB (Housing Development Board) flats progressively being built since independence (1965) to house 90% of the population. Flats are in sizes from 1-room to 5-room Executive Suites. Singaporeans purchase their flat using their CPF (Pension) monthly contribution, with heavy subsidy from the government, to encourage every family owns a roof over their head:



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