Cook Skinny French Beans (Haricots Verts)

The Skinny French beans (haricots verts) are thinner than the normal French beans.

I miss the landlord Madame Bison’s haricots cooking when we were students staying in La Loire, the Central France famous for the French châteaux (castles).

Now you can find Haricot in the organic section of the NTUC supermart, grown and imported from Indonesia. They are delicious to go with western dishes like steak, pork chop or lamb shank.

Very simple to cook them, just follow this video:

1. Add salt to boiling water to raise temperature above 100 C (*)
2. Cook green beans for over 1 min. (keep color greenish only with boiling water);
3. Soak immediately in cold water.

Storage: The skin will turn black after few days in the fridge. Better eat them within a day or two after purchase.

Note (*) : This is the Principle of Physical Chemistry: water normal boiling point is 100 C, but with extra substance like salt added in it, more heat energy will be needed to reach the boiling point, so the temperature will raise above 100 C.


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