Steamed Tilapia 清蒸鱼

Tilapia / St. Peter’s Fish

The first fish ‘astronaut’ into space by NASA.

吴郭鱼 (台湾): 记念1946 振辉, 啟彰引進此非洲鱼入台湾。
罗非鱼(中国广西) : 取自越南语: (罗非 = 鱼)。


Wishing you : 年年有馀
Every year with “surplus” [(馀\yu), sounds exactly like fish (鱼\yu)
– that’s why Chinese eat auspicious fish in CNY (Chinese New Year 31/1/2014 & 1/2/2014).

How to cook St. Peter’s Fish during CNY to get money from the fish mouth (where Jesus asked Peter to get it from to pay for temple tax:  Mathew 17:24-27)

Let’s learn Mathematics from the St. Peter’s fish: Why did Peter catch from nothing the previous whole night to a miraculous 153 Tilapia ?

153 is a mathematical mystery explained below:

See also: Lemon Tilapia Filet


尼罗红 Red Tilapia:



Steamed Red Tilapia With Hot And Sour Plum Sauce:


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