History of Singapore (Music: Symphony Sang Nila Utama)

History of Singapore presented by Sentosa:

History of Singapore Part 1:

History Of Singapore 新加坡的歷史 Part 2

History Of Singapore Part 3 (Discovery Channel):

History Of Singapore Part 4 (Discovery Channel):

6 rubber trees were smuggled from Brazil to Singapore Botanic Garden, spotted by its Scottish Director the great potential of this ‘White Gold’ for Singapore.
(Note: ‘Black Gold’ is oil)

History Of Singapore Part 5 (Discovery Channel):

In dedication to the 50th anniversary of the Independent Republic of Singapore in 2015:
Symphony Sang Nila Utama by the young JC student composer William Wu, 17 @ 2006.

(3 Movements)

1. The Prince, the Sea and the Lion王子.大海.狮子


2. The Dancing Singapore Lion 狮子欢舞


3. 锦秀河水山 – The River, Water and Mountain

Note :

The MIDI music files in (1) & (2) cannot be played on iPhones, but only on Android phones. However, the (3) MP3 music can be played by both phones. Not sure when will Apple support the universal MIDI format in future iPhone 6 or later ?
The work-around for the ‘unfriendly’ proprietary iPhone : download the MIDI file onto your Mac (or PC), drag it to iTunes which will automatically convert it to WAV format supported by iPhone. It is troublesome but can be done with these extra steps.


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