Glasshole Cook

With wearable such as Google Glass, you don’t have to flip the recipe book with one hand while cooking,  the Glass shows the recipe in front of your eye – so you become a “glasshole” or an “asshole” 🙂

Google Glass Explorer Story:
1. Korean Chef Roy Choi cooks the Irish food for St. Patrick’s Day:

2. A housewife cooks a Greek dinner with the recipe from google glass:!4C2E6C72-8E12-4D9E-A97F-DB269EF43567

3. Is Singapore ready for Google Glass?

4. Google Glass Explorer Edition 2.0 Unboxing and First Impression :

Wearable computer Google Glass is still beta (only available in mid 2014 or 2015), the apps written so far are :
– Google Now (personal assistant to calendar schedule,  sport tracking, traffic, Google map for direction,..)
– Recipe software “KitchMe” 
– Grocery shopping

The potential is huge:
1. Think of a doctor or surgeon with Google glass to help him diagnose or operate on a patient. 
2. A police or custom officer with Google glass traces a criminal suspect in front of him (9/11 would have been avoided by not allowing their boarding to the planes) 
3. A musician with Google glass displaying the music scores in their eye. Do away with the cumbersome music stand forever.
4. A blind person with Google glass camera and voice to guide him on the surrounding environment, read books and navigate with GoogleMap.
5. etc.


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