Singapore Bak Chor Mee 肉脞面

This Bak Chor Mee found at Kovan Hawker Center today. Strange! it was the same stall I patronized for months but I don’t find it too special, until the cook is changed today. Same ingredients from the same stall, but the cooking skill makes the difference : the noodle cooked not soggy, must be QQ. Because of inflation, even at $3.50 the ingredients are reduced both in quantity and size – which is a shame, otherwise this local dish with more noodles, meat balls, fish cakes and prawn, would be sumptuous. Who knows it may be ‘promoted’ to the top restaurant menu one day, like the Hainanese Chicken Rice and Char Kway Teow.


How to cook ?

“秘密”酱料 :
鱼露 1/2 茶匙
黑醋 1 茶匙
江鱼仔上汤 2 汤匙
叁芭辣椒酱/番茄汁 1 汤匙
(猪渣 1 茶匙)
猪油/葱油 1 茶匙



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