10 mins Thaw Meat 十分钟快速解冻法

The traditional methods to thaw (de-frozen) meats usually take few hours:

1. One night before transfer the frozen meat from freezer to normal fridge shelf.

2. Place the whole plastic-wrapped frozen meat in room-temperature (or warm) water for 1 to 2 hours.
♢ Do not open the plastic wrap, else nutrition would leak out into water.
♢ Do not place meat outside more than 2 hours because bacteria would rapidly multiply.

3. Microwave: it is fast but unhealthy for people worry about radiation.

This smart Korean woman uses aluminum foil to wrap the meat (one sheet on top, one bottom) : Aluminium, like Copper, conducts heat quickly and can thaw the meat in 10 minutes:



Note: For health concern on Aluminum 铝 (causing Dementia 老人痴呆症 – a whole generation of pre-independence Singaporean mothers cooked rice using Japanese aluminum rice cooker, that explains now many old men & ladies have dementia after 70 years old ), use the darker side of the aluminum foil to contact the meat, the shinning side facing exterior exposed to air, thus conducts heat quicker with room temperature.


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