Seabass Blanched with Hot Oil 油浸金目鲈

广东名菜: Seabass Blanched with Hot Oil


新鲜金目魲 Fresh Seabass (900 gm): yellow tail, clear eyes, shiny body (that is from clean water).
1. Seabass: de-boned butterfly. 去骨双飞。Wash the fish then dry with paper. Coat fish internal body with salt, external skin with 生粉 potato / tapioca 木薯粉 flour (for crispiness after stir fry).

2. Oil bath: oil must be clean and boiling.
♢ 猛火炸片刻, 转中火浸泡2-3分钟, 捞起。
Over high heat, stir fry the fish for a while; then bathe it for 2 – 3 mins under medium heat. Remove the fish from oil.
逼油巭 Chinese Cooking Kongfu “expel excessive oiliness” :
开猛火, 再将鱼回锅炸片刻, 转中火浸泡至外酥里嫰
Turn on high heat again, return the fish back to oil, stir fry for a while then lower the heat, immerse and bathe the fish till its skin turns brownish crispy and its inside meat tender.
♢ 盛盤。Serve the fish in a plat.

3. Sauce 调味 :
♢ Stir fry (爆香) 甜菜脯 (Preserved Radish) 5gm, 姜末(chopped ginger) 1/2 Tbps, 蒜茸 (chopped garlic) 1 tbps. Pour them over the fried fish on a display plate.
♢ Prepare the sauce : Fry the roots of coriander and onion spring with little oil. Add the Chinese rice wine (花雕酒 1Tbps), oyster sauce (蚝油 2Tbps), fish sauce (鱼露 1 tbps), 上汤 (chicken stock 1 tbps), Sesame oil (麻油 few drops), Sugar (糖 1tbps), light soy sauce (生抽 1Tbps), water (清水 300 cc). Boil the sauce, then pour it on the sides of the fish.

4. Before serve (香喷喷): heat 1 tablespoon of clean hot oil, pour over the garnishing Spring Onions, Coriander & Red Chili (葱段, 芜荽, 红辣椒) on the fish.

농 어 맛있어요 !
Seabass delicious !

Tbps: Tablespoon
tbps: teaspoon
巭 [\pu]: Korean word derived from 2 Chinese words “功 夫” means “Kongfu”。
甜菜脯 (Preserved Radish):

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