Ramen 拉麵

How to Eat Ramen – from the Japanese Movie “Tampopo 1985…:

Noodle (麵) was a Chinese invention imported to the West by Marco Polo as Spaghetti,  to Japan as Ramen (拉麵) – “Ra” in Chinese (\La) means “拉 Pulling” when they make noodles by pulling the flour dough.

It is comical Japanese  way of “worshipping” Noodles – like they do for Tea (another Chinese import) – in such   a sacred ceremonial rite.

By the way, the Instant Noodles are invented by a Chinese Japanese in Yokohama. The lazy American office workers ate instant noodles using cups with hot water gave him the idea of  improved version of the  “Cup Instant Noodles”.

Because of the detailed attention in making the stock for Ramen, Japanese charges US$10 for a bowl of ramen,  while a bowl of normal Singapore hawker noodles is less than US$ 3. This is value-driven marketing.

Gordon Ramsay vs La Mian Master:


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