How to Avoid Cancer

“Change the water when the fish is sick.

Cancer cells are mutated normal cells which react to toxic body environment:
1. Lack of oxygen, 2. Acid, 3. Stress.

So rid of the 3 toxic environmental factors, cells will not turn to cancer.

1. Oxygen – Breathe Deep into Abdomen (腹部’丹田’深呼吸) : breath-in through nose (all the way down to abdomen, not ‘shadow’ breathing only at chest), count 1-2-3-4, hold the breath (count 1-2-3-4), then breath-out through mouth (count 1-2-3-4).
Repeat 8 times. Do it anywhere.

Note: This is the same principle of all Taiji /Qigong / meditation/ yoga / aerobics.

2. Alkaline: drink vegetable / fruit juice / smoothie. Avoid coke, alcohol, etc. Eat more fish, less meat (especially avoid red meat).

3. Stress-Free: quit stressful job. Forgive your enemies, forget the unpleasant past. Take up meditation / Taiji / Qigong / Yoga, exercise, religion, reading (e-reading anywhere anytime any place: blogs, ebooks, YouTube, Facebook, etc), friends (whatsapp with them to stay spiritually – never mind not physically — connected in virtual world).


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