AMC 无水无油 餐具

AMC (commercial) cooking demo – Part 1

AMC (commercial) Cooking Demo – Part 2


1 白切鸡
2 米粉
3 蔬菜
4 鸡扒

AMC (commercial) cooking Demo – Part 3

2分钟自动煮饭 自动关电 : “Navigenio” (blooth-tooth)

‘Secuquick’ (Pressure Cooker)


2 modes of quick cooking :

1. Soft rapid: gentle way of cooking to retain nutrients in the food.

2. Turbo rapid: super fast method for stews, soups and roasts.

Secuquick Save: 70% time, 50% energy.

煮咖喱鸡, 清菜

沙锅饭 Clay Pot Rice:

1. Harder vegetables below softer / leafy vegetables.

2. Set to function ‘Carot’ (80 degree C), no need timer.

快速煮 ABC 汤 (use Pressure cooker ‘Securquick’)

烤羊扒 Lamb Chop (use Navigenio 电板)

西餐: How to cook with AMC Navigeno :
Salmon steak
Chicken breast

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