Cooking ‘kungfu’

Cooking kungfu in 3 levels:

Level 1 (Beginner): follow recipe step-by-step.

Level 2: (Intermediate): still use recipe as guideline but try variations.  eg. No ingredient like asparagus, replace with chinese cabbage.

Level 3 (Advanced): recipes ‘melted’ in the brain, follow the instinct,  the steps will come naturally.

This is what other “Kongfu” like Taiji or Calligraphy, etc, are. “无招胜有招” (No step better than with steps).

Chinese TCM believes Food = Medicine (药食同源).
Cook your own food is take charge of  your own health from doctors and hawkers/ Phillipino / Indo maids , who, resp., give you side-effect drugs and ‘junky’ foods.


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