Julia Child – Bouillabaisse à la Marseillaise

“Bouillabaisse” (French Fish Soup ) – [pronounced as “boul-ya-best”]

法国名菜 – 原本是法国南方地中海的马赛(Marseille)海港穷渔夫们发明的鱼汤, 捕鱼船底丢弃的新鲜鱼头, 鱼骨, 整只小鱼, 番茄, 便宜的淡菜贝类, 小虾等, 用香料, 橄榄油熬制的浓稠热汤, 高雅又美味。不逊给新加坡的印度名菜 “咖喱鱼头” (Curry Fishhead) !

祝大家: 2016 年年有馀 (鱼) !!

[S$42 a dish for 2 pax in local French restaurant]


1. Local Seafood (not expensive type, preferred without tiny bones) :
◇ Big Fish head, fish body bones,
◇ Whole medium fishes (整只)
◇ Mussels (淡菜), &/or Clams (蛤) [or buy pre-cooked NTUC frozen package imported from New Zealand]
◇ Scallops (干贝),
◇ Prawns,
◇ (Optional): lobster (龙虾), crab (螃蟹), abalone (鲍鱼), squid (乌贼), sea cucumber (海参)…

注意顺序 (大约45分钟) :
1 鱼头等硬肉的鱼先煮20分钟后,
2 才放肉软的整只中小鱼,
3 最后15分钟放入淡菜蛤等贝壳类,
4 最后3分钟煮快熟的干贝, 虾。

2. Herbs:
◇ Garlics
◇ Onions
◇ Saffron* (藏红花) – Attention: (Avoid all spices like saffron which may cause miscarriage during pregnancy) ,
◇ Parsley (芫茜) & / or Thyme (百里香)
◇ Fresh tomatoes
◇ Tomatoes paste (to thicken the soup)
◇ Small quantity of other dry herbs (10-mixed-herbs bottle available in any supermart). eg. Bay leaves (月桂叶), dill (莳萝), fennel (茴香), pepper, coriander seeds, etc.

3. Olive oil, Salt

4. Croutons (Baguette 切片 烘脆)

Cooking Duration: 45 mins

Learn from Julia Child, the best american French Chef (Times “Woman of the Year” for revolutionalised American kitchen after WW2)


Local Fish Selection:


Simplified Bouillabaisse (Fish Stew) by UK celebrity cook Jamie Oliver.

1. Seafood :
◇ fish (slices, skin crossed //),
◇ squid (inner crossed x),
◇ mussels
◇ clams
◇ prawns
◇ optional: scallop / crabs / lobster

2. Herbs: fennel (or pasley or dill), garlic, chilly

3. Timotoe paste, lemon

4. Olive oil

5. Croutons


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