Man vs Child: Chef Showdown

孔令贞 Estie Elizabeth Kung (8), Chinese father, American mom.

Very cute & smart girl, looks like 哪吒 (Ne Zha)


She has been cooking since 3, “inspired” by her great mom !

American parents adopt laissez-faire education approach, encourage children to follow their curiosity to explore, would not chase them away from kitchen — Asian parents would definitely ban them from dangerous places, especially kitchen.

To all moms in the World: your kid can be a ‘genius’ if he/she has a dedicated guiding mom (not necessary educated) at early growing age.

Examples: 伟大的妈妈 Great moms of
◇ Thomas Edison
◇ Albert Einstein
◇ Issac Newton – mom not educated
◇ Carl Friedrich Gauss (Prince of Math) – mom not educated
◇ 岳飞 (岳母刻背 “精忠报国”)
欧阳修 (伴读妈妈 “画荻教子”)
◇ 孟子 (孟母三迁)
Paul Erdös (Great Mathematician of 20th century)
Terence Tao 陶哲轩 (Mozart of Math, IQ 260)
G. Perelman (Russian Great Mathematician)
◇ A 17-year-old boy (JC 1) won the International Math Olympiad Gold Medal (Individual 4th in the world ranking) whose mom is only Primary School PSLE educated.

Estie’s dream is to be a chef, open a restaurant called “Something French”. We pray for Estie Kung to grow up as another great Master Chef like Julia Child.


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