Eat to starve Cancer: Antiangiogenesis

TED 醫學界即將掀起變革,最新的腫瘤治療方法 ~ 不是做化療,是改變飲食、改善血管新生,影片全長2O分鐘,有中文字幕,很棒的醫學常識。


Please watch this regardless if you are 55, 45 or 65. Don’t shun this food that is said to be good.

Anti-cancer Super-food:

Tomatoes must be cooked to get the best antioxidant and anti-cancer nutrient.

Don’t store tomatoes in fridge.

Wash away pesticides by soaking tomatoes in water with 1 teaspoon each of salt and apple cider (or cooking) vinegar.

Plant your own organic tomatoes in pot. (Tomoto leaves are toxic).





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