Papaya – 3 sex types


Male papaya tree can’t produce fruits, but you need male flowers’ pollens to pollinate female tree’s flowers which then produce fruits.

However, hermaphrodite (雌雄同体) papaya tree is bi-sexual, ie it has male and female flowers, hence it can self-pollinate.

Male papaya tree is useless if you have already a hermaphrodite tree in the garden. You can chop the male papaya tree away. However, there is a mysterious technique to change the sex of a male papayee tree :



Ovary: 子房
Stamen: 蕊
Anther: 花粉囊
Stigma: column cap 柱头

To dwarf (矮化) a papaya tree, trim off the terminal bud.


How to make Thai Green Papaya Salad:


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