Easiest Homemade Duck Confit

1. (The night before) Season duck legs in coarse salt, black pepper, herbs. Sealed in plastic bag. Chilled in Fridge overnight.

2. (Cooking day) Wash duck legs thoroughly. Dry with kitchen paper.

3. (Duck Oil – prepared from the duck fat).

4. Duck legs completely covered by duck oil in a deep pot (*). Heat oil to boiling, then lower the temperature (Electric stove set to “1” 号) till only seeing tiny bubbles at oil surface, continue simmering (煨) for 2 hrs (minimum) to 3 hours (preferred – for crispness 酥脆 duck meat ).

[Note: If you have a cast-iron deep pot (never use ceramic or glass pot which would crack in high temperature), it is easier to use Oven set at 150 C for 3 hours.]

5. Sear (煎) the duck skin in a separate pan for 1 min till brownish.

Note (*): If not enough duck oil, top up with other oil.


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