Robotic Kitchen Cooks Food In 3 Minutes Or Less

After Robotic cleaner, 4 MIT students invented Robotic Chef !

In another few years, every home kitchen can have a “Robotic Chef” machine with the features of oven / microwave / frying pan, taking raw food ingredients from a connected fridge. The set menus can be programmed. The machine will be remotely controlled from outside by a housewife.

MIT is the birth-place of “Artificial Intelligience” (AI) which was coined by the late Prof John McCarthy, who designed the 1st Functional Programming (FP) language”LISP” (*) for AI in 1958.

Note (*): LISP (List Processing Language). In 1980 I was an AI LISP programmer using a variant called “FranzLISP” running on the world’s first 1-MIP mini-Computer “Vax 780 machine” (by Digital Equipment Corp), the compiler designer was James Gosling who later joined Sun Microsystem in 1990s to design the now most popular JAVA language, porting over the good LISP feature of (Memory) “Garbage Collector” technology.


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