Duck Confit with Broccolini – 油封鸭


1. Coating duck legs with coarsed salt and spices (peppers, any herbs eg. Thymes, Rosemary, Bay leaf, Basil, or mixture of these in flakes). Cooling in fridge (30 mins).

2. Olive oil : cover completely duck legs, 3 hours (low heat at 125 C ) in oven

3. Sear in a pan (or oven 190 C for 10 mins) the duck skin till golden brown.

4. Sauce: wine, chicken stocks, butter, shallots, heat till reduced to half or thicken.

5. Salad: Broccoli or Harricots (French tiny beans) – immerse completely in boiling water (for salad crispyness, add 1 tsp salt to raise the boiling point above 100 C – by the law of Physical Chemistry), cook for 2.5 mins, then immerse immediately in cold (preferred iced-) water for 10 mins (to retain the fresh green color).


Easy to make this delicious “haute cuisine” (高级美食) duck confit (油封鸭), except too wasteful of olive oil (1litre) after cooking, unless reuse within a week (store in fridge).

At Sheng Siong Supermart, a raw duck leg is sold at S$4.50. If cook it within 3 days (package expiry period) then store it in normal fridge; otherwise put in the freezer, can last for 1 week or longer.

A dish of Duck Confit in a Singapore restaurant costs from $16++ to $25++.


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