Oyster Sauced Tofu

Cooking For Fun

I still remember when I was very little, my family still lived in our first home. We moved several times after that one. At that time, there is a roasted goose shop (if I remember correctly) across the street. My father was very busy and he’s on business trip almost everyday. I could only see him when it’s Chinese New Year or less than 10 days in a year probably. Cos my memory about him was almost blank before I went to primary school (not because I was too little. I still keep the memory about other people, so…..) Later, he didn’t have to travel around to do business. He stayed in my hometown and opened a small factory. My mom became busy too. They worked together to run that factory.

I grew up with my sister. That’s why my sister and I are very close.

According to my vague…

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