Chinese Cuisine Must Have: 6 Major Sauces

1. Soy Sauce (酱油): Light (生抽) / Dark (老抽)

Recommended : No preservative & Low Sodium.

Only one brand “Lee Kum Kee Gluten Free Soy Sauce” with no preservative (Sodium Benzote) at local NTUC supermarkets :

2. 蚝油 Oyster Sauce: Recommended 李锦记 “Lee Kum Kee” (Premium) with ingredient label : oyster listed 1st)

3. 料酒 Cooking Wine

绍兴酒 (ShaoXing Cooking Wine) 2 types: cheap / expensive, check the ingredient label “No Alcohol” !

4. 黑醋 Black Vinegar : recommended brand = 镇江 (no presevatives)

5. 豆瓣酱 (Spicy ShiChuan 四川 Sauce) : recommended brand = 郫县

6. 海鲜酱Hoisin (Seafood) Sauce

Note: Singapore Cuisine normally replaces items 5) & 6) with Seasame Oil 麻油 (香油) and local Chilli Sauce (阿参/辣椒酱) .

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