CPF LIFE VS Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS) : What’s The Difference?


Main Similarities & Differences between RSS & CPF Life

PEA age = 65 (must apply payout at 65, otherwise default to auto-payout at 70)

(PEA : Payout Eligibility Age)


1. Compulsory Scheme

  • RSS : 1957 or earlier
  • CPF Life: 1958 onwards. Opt in for 1957 or earlier

2. Payment duration:

  • RSS : until CPF money depleted (till 95)
  • CPF Life: Forever till death

3. Where is your CPF Money ?

  • RSS: still in your account, depleted by monthly payout till 95.
  • CPF Life: Forever Gone ! You get it back a monthly payout until death.

4. Interest:

  • RSS : interest earned deposited into your account.
  • CPF Life: ZERO. All interest gone to the common pool.

5. Buy Property:

  • RSS: can (amount subject to below conditions)
  • CPF Life: CAN NOT!

RSS Monthly Payout until CPF depleted till 95 (estimated)


You can cash out the excess from your Retirement Account above the Basic Retirement amount.

Assume you have in the Retirement Account the required Full Sum $123K (for 1955 borns reaching age 55 by 2010):

CPF Life Payout (Default Standard Plan = higher payout / lower bequest)

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