Home Monitoring Blood Pressure

The Best Omron Home BP Monitor

While measuring BP, take note:
1. Don’t talk;
2. Not immediately after exercise, moving body, or taking hot bath;
3. Clear your bowel, because constipation raises BP;
4. Relax, deep breath in & out slowly,
5. Take BP twice a day (AM/PM), stick to the same hour for consistency to compare data,
6. Morning wake-up BP reading usually higher, night BP reading lower.
7. BP tends to be higher in cold temperature. Avoid sitting too long below strong blowing air-conditioner.
8. Take 3 readings, interchange left and right arm. Discard the reading which is way too far out from the other 2 readings.

White-Coat Syndrome:
1. Some patients subconsciously have higher BP at clinic or hospital.
2. Bring your home measurement data in the last few weeks to show to your doctor.
3. Bring along your home electronic BP monitor to calibrate with your doctor’s manual BP monitor, if in doubt of accuracy.

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