Smart Digital TV & Internet Video & Screen Mirror

If you are using SmartTV “Toggle” Internet software to view Catch-Up TV programs, avoid slow download & frequent hangs by using wired internet : connect a wired internet cable (RJ45) from behind TV LAN port to your Singtel Router yellow LAN port. It is 3 times faster than using wireless WIFI network.

“Toggle” TV “slow hang” problem fixed :
1. Change Smart TV from wireless network to wired cable (a new RJ45 cable connect TV LAN port to Singtel router yellow LAN port).

2. No need Mio TV Set- top box (only for TV channels) to view Internet videos (Youtube, Toggle… )

Reset network by following these steps:
(I) Switch off powers for all 4 devices:
Optical network terminal (1)
Singtel Router (2)
Mio Set-top box (3)
SmartTV (4)
(II) Reboot : switch power on in these sequences :
1 – > 2 -> 3 – >4

Screen Mirror

Digital Samsung SmartTV also has screen mirroring (from phone mirrored to TV) to view anything from your phone enlarged to bigger TV screen.

Steps :
1. Select TV source : screen mirror
2. Install at phone Google Play store :
“all share cast for smart TV”
then open it.
3. from phone, view
延禧 movie from the url link (example) :

This url link for 延禧


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