Philips All-in-One Pressure Cooker – HD2137 (+ Yogurt)

The biggest benefit of having a Multi- function Pressure Cooker is you no longer need a gas / electric stove in the kitchen to do all cooking tasks – bake, stew, slow cook, steam, pressure cooker, boil, saute (fry), keep warm up to 12 hours, for meat, fish, soup, veggies, yogurt, cakes…

Philips All-in-one is the Top 5 Multi-function Pressure Cooker vs Instant Pot etc.

It has baking function which Instant Pot lacks.

Lazy Cook Recipe: Chinese Pickled Mustard Soup

Whole Chicken & Soup:

Yogurt (Easier than other Pressure Cooker eg. “Instant Pot”)

Best Denki (Singapore) HD-2139 6.0 L (6.5 quarts) Model (No Yogurt)

All 3 Philips Models comparison here:

Courts (AMK) – with Yogurt function :

For Gourmet Class Cooking, this high-end model is super:

For general lazy cooking yet make good quality dishes:


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