SG Hawkers

It is good to have more young & talented Singaporeans willing to continue the local hawker food culture, after the Pioneer Generation (1940s) & Merdeka Generation (1950s) hawkers retire in next few years.

It won’t take too long will one of the more entrepreneurial hawker start a global “Singapura Hawker” Food Empire, a-la KFC or McDonald’s, offering the world with 100 affordable best dishes of the “UNESCO-listed” Singapore hawker food.

Alderic Teo’s “Home-Cooked VS Outside-Cooked” Vblogs:

Curry Puff :


Typical Singaporean “Cheng Tng” 清汤

Singapore “Burrito”: Popiah 薄饼

Note: Do not look down on the tiny Popiah skin. Singapore “Popiah King” “Gwee” 魏 is a billionaire.

Singapore KFC Chicken:

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