French-Inspired Breakfast Menu

Continental (eg. French) Breakfast is not as sumptuous as English Breakfast (Bacons, sausages, & poached eggs, see picture below) or English Muffin 贵族英式早餐 :

French breakfast is quite simple:

  1. French Pastries: baguettes, croissants
  2. Yogurt
  3. Cafe expresso (in small cup) / Cafe au lait (yes! in a big bowl)

Most students who had lived few years in France keep the habit of taking French breakfast in their entire life.

Example :

China leader Deng XiaoPing, who worked at 16 years old as an apprentice in a Parisian (Place d’Italie) Boulangerie (Pastries), had a crave for French croissants in his late 80s of age. The Air China (Beijing-Paris daily flight) would bring him daily breakfast of freshly oven croissants from Paris.

Singapore Best “Tiong Bahru” French Bakery:

NTUC Fairprice Supermarket sells excellent Butter Croissants Made-in-France at S$3.95 for 4 pieces.

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