Electric Multi-Function Pressure Cooker

The lastest home cooking ‘helper‘ is the affordable Multi-function (6 or 7 or 9-in-1) Electric Pressure Cooker 气压锅 with bake, stew, boil, saute (fry) functions to cook rice, soup, chicken, fish, vegetables…

With this Electric ‘helper’ , anyone can be a good chef at home – just follow the steps carefully in the recipes.

Ranked Top 2 Brand: Instant Pot (+ Yogurt in DUO Model)

1-Pot Western-Style Chicken Rice in 10 mins

1-Pot Hainanese Chicken Rice 海南鸡饭

Pressure Cooker Chicken and Wild Rice Soup


1. Half-&-Half substitutes

2. How to make Bread Bowl (20 mins)

(Malaysia / Singapore) Model : VOOKA PC16 – (No Yogurt function)

Vooka Chinese Recipes: http://vooka.com.sg/pressure-cooker-pc16-recipe/

Demo Video (all types of pressure cooker. eg Instant Pot):

Easy Recipes for the Electric Pressure Cooker