Cordon Bleu 藍帶雞肉捲


  • Ham 火腿 or Salmon filets, 
  • Cheese slices, 
  • Chicken breast (cut in half horizontally, then flatten it with hammer in a plastic bag),
  • Butter,  
  • Bread crumbs 面包碎


  • Salt, 
  • Pepper, 
  • Rosemary (Aix-en-Provence bottle)
  • Basils (decoration)

Oven: 200 C   40 mins.


  1. Place 1 cheese slice below a ham, add salt, herb, pepper, then roll them together, followed by wrapping it with chicken breast fillet. Fix it permanently with 2 toothpicks.
  2. Dip it in melted butter, then cover it with bread crumbs.
  3. Place in pre-heated oven at 200 C for 40 mins.

Duck à l’Orange

Canard = Duck 鸭

I try to replace orange by mandarin 柑, since now is Chinese New Year season in Jan 2017 with plenty of mandarins.

This French classic dish costs S$20 to $25 in local French restaurants. A raw duck drumstick 鸭腿 at Seng Song Supermarket is only less than $5.
The English cook in the video used the herbs French “mirepoix” (carrot + celery + onion), equivalent to the ubiquitous “ginger 姜+ leek 葱+ onion 蒜” in common Chinese cuisine.