Pandan Leaves, Pandan Chiffon & Health Benefits

One of the best 17 cakes in the world : Singapore Pandan Chiffon


Very good eye massages for healing handphone syndromes: cataract, floaters,…

Basically 3 exercises :
1. Eye balls (open/close eyes 5x, turn eyeballs anti- and clockwise 14x)
2. Eyes surrounding massage : corresponding to all body inner organs
3. Accupress 5 major accupunture points

Note: softly press, don’t use force.


  • 白内障 (Cataract)
  • 飞蚊 (Floaters)
  • 手机 Syndrome : 眼睛干涩,颈后绷紧


1. 转眼球 :闭眼,顺/逆转14次。眨眼开/闭 (5次)

2. 眼眶八卦( 对应五贜六腑) :由内到外点压,周围轻揉


3. 五大眼穴 (睛明,瞳子髎Liáo,承泣,攒竹,丝竹空):各按14下

4. 颈后绷紧 按摩:按风池

5. 梳头

Yogurt Bifidobacterium cured IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Bacteria in our stomach & intestines in 3 types: Good, Bad and In-Between (which turn Good or Bad by following the majority). So eat alot of good probiotics from yogurt / Yakult drink to increase the majority Good.

Yogurt also improves healing for autism. Reason being: Gut is also called the “Second Brain”, Yogurt improves gut health, hence the brain.

Transportation Storage : After buying yogurt from supermarket, immediately store it in a cooler bag (get free ice cubes from the supermart fridge or fish stall there), then go home within 1 hour store in fridge below 4C. (Above 4C most probiotics would die rendering yogurt as ineffective pure “sour cream”. )

2005 my family and I went to Paris for winter holidays, ate free yogurt in hotel breakfast delivered at 5 am in minus 2 C. I ate 2 cups / day, a week later back home in SIA flight discovered my many years IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) disappeared.

My doctor specialist told me the miracle cure is the Bifidobacterium (B. Lactis) from good Parisian Yogurt under super cold weather. (I thought initially was the “miracle” from my visit at Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris with prayers & €5 donation – even though I was not yet a Christian). Could be also God indirectly instructed me ‘subconsciously’ to eat Yogurt (I used to dislike the sour taste) since it was free & unlimited supply, and also not many other breakfast things to eat for the expensive €250/room /nite hotel fee, besides free Cafe au lait, Croissants / bread & yogurt. HALLELUJAH!

Note: This excellent Yakult brand has 30-billion probiotics (although not of type Bifidobacterium.)



1. 锻练


2. 走路正确姿势:用胯带动腿, 如扁担挑水。就是太极拳的"马步"(Horse Steps)