Hainanese Chicken Rice

This is the Singapore national dish #1, I have no less than 5 recipes in this blog, this one is in English for international food lovers – believe me, I haven’t found any cuisine with Chicken (Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, etc) which can beat this national dish – besides, this is a cheap food (S$3 a plate in any hawker center).

Every Singaporean should learn how to make this dish when entertaining overseas guests. Even as a novice (30 years ago), by following the simple recipe steps, I could make this dish with only a rice cooker (big enough to dump in a 1-kg size chicken) to surprise my French professor and his wife, 3 French colleagues at 2 separate home parties as their Main Menu dish.



炒㷄条 Char Kway Teow

Singapore Char Kway Teow no longer uses Chives (韭菜) now, replaced by Chai Sim (菜心) – that was related to the history in 1950s/60s when gangsters used to frequent these stalls without paying (吃霸王餐), who demanded the hawkers to cook without chives – as chives are not good for their wound healing after gang fights.

芙蓉(全麦)粿条 Foo Yong Kway Teow:

Tip: 镬气 (Wok Hei) – 撒酱料在镬(锅)沿(edge), 不是食物(粿条)里。