Russian Shashlik & Borscht

Pork Borscht 猪肉罗宋汤

Russian “Shashlik” 烤串鸡(/羊/牛) 肉浓汤

Singapore Russian Cuisine at Shashlik Restaurant (run by Hainanese) :

Shashlik Restaurant – A Russian Restaurant in Singapore

Vegetarian Borscht

For Russian food, an ex-colleague recommended to try Beerfest. It’s a microbrewery run by Russians and they are located at Rochester Park and Hainanese chef. They serve good beer, borscht, Shashlik and dumplings. Once every few months they have a “Slavic Day” usually on the weekends when special Russian and East European food is served.

海鲜(蛤虾苏东) 汤面

James 讲很多废话,但煮这道海鲜(蛤虾苏东) 汤面,的确是童年回忆的街边面。

新加坡 70/80年代的版本 叫 街边大戏 “福建面“(失传):海鲜用 (\cheng 本地绝种) 和虾。汤汁芶浓芡。火炭煮。白色乌芭叶包裹。(不加空心菜)。

Note: 蛏 (\cheng)(闽南/福建话 = \tan ‘贪’

Part 1: 海鲜(蛤虾苏东) 汤面

苏东 = Sotong (Malay) = 乌贼


1 熬虾高汤

… 姜爆虾头

… 倒出虾油 (备用,盛盘时浇面) 。加清水熬高汤

… 过滤

2 爆香 葱,姜,蒜,辣椒

3 焖蛤蜊。

4 下空心菜,虾,苏东,略炒。然后,煮熟的黄面下锅。

5 (芶芡 optional)。 香菜点缀

Part 2: 空心菜沙茶牛肉