Super Easy Homemade Soft White Bread

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I found this incredible homemade white bread recipe on YouTube. It doesn’t require a bread machine, nor much kneading. Every step is super easy. But the bread came out is amazing. I cannot believe the procedure is so simple, and bread is as good and soft as the ones bought from bakery shop.

I really really love this recipe:

I followed the recipe and the steps.


1 cup lukewarm water

1/8 cup sugar

1 tablespoon active dry yeast

3/4 tsp salt

1 1/4 tablespoons oil

2 cups flour (roughly)

  1. Pour warm water into a big bowl. Add in sugar and dry yeast. Let it rest for 10 mins and wait it foams up.
  2. Add in oil, salt. Stir a bit.
  3. Add in flour, 1 cup first. Stir a bit. Then add in the other cup flour.
  4. Stir into a dough.
  5. Sprinkle some flour over the board. Knead the dough…

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Home-made Durian Pizza

My mom had made delicious durian kueh (榴莲粿) during my childhood kampong days in the 1960s, she used the cheap durians left unsold by her durian-stall brother.

In modern days Singapore kitchen mostly equipped with an oven, good idea to try this home-made “Durian Pizza” 👍



  1. 中筋面粉 Middle Gluten Flour 500g
  2. 酵母 Yeast 5g
  3. 糖 Sugar 10g
  4. 温水 Room temperature water 250cc
  5. 猫山榴莲 Maoshan (or any type) Durian
  6. 液体牛油 Melted (Liquid) Butter (1 tsp)
  7. Mozzarella Cheese flakes 80g

Home-Made Durian Pizza:

Oven: (预热 上/下) 180 C @ 8mins


高筋面粉 Bread Flour

中筋面粉 All-Purpose Flour

低筋面粉 Cake & Pastry Flour

Beef Rendang (Spicy Dry Beef Curry)

Cooking For Fun

My husband bought a pressure cooker as an early birthday gift for me. I couldn’t wait to try it and cook something.

The first dish came to my mind is beef rendang. It is like a type of dry curry and very popular in Southeastern Asia. My husband was very excited and couldn’t wait to try my beef rendang. Actually I have never tried this dish before. So I did a little research online and figured out the recipe and ingredients I need for the dish. This morning, I grab a bite and went to supermarket. I already listed out the ingredients I need. I searched for them according to the list.

These are almost all the ingredients, salt, oil and sugar are not shown in the picture.

  1. Put shallot, red chili, ginger, blue ginger (galangal), and garlic into a blender. Blend them into paste. This is the most complicated…

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Japanese Chashu Pork

Cooking For Fun

Pressure cooker makes this dish a lot easier to make.

  1. Prepare a pork belly with skin on, about 500 g.
  2. Roll it up from one side to the other. Tie it with kitchen twine very tight.
  3. Put pork in a deep pot, add in enough water. Bring to boil and cook for 10 mins.
  4. Rinse pork in water to wash off all the dirt.
  5. Put pork into pressure cooker. Add in 1/2 cup light soy sauce, 1 cup water, 1/2 cup mirin, 1/4 cup cooking wine, 1/4 cup dark soy sauce, 5 ginger slices, 1 stalk of chopped green onion.
  6. Cook in high pressure for 20 mins.
  7. Rotate the pork and cook for another 20 mins. Then rotate again and cook for last 20 mins.
  8. Take the pork out into a container. Pour the sauce in. Soak pork in the sauce. You can also add in boiled egg.

Put into…

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