Homemade Thick (aka Greek) Yogurt

Yogurt tips (purchase from supermart or homemade) :

  1. Thick type = Greek Yogurt
    Liquid type = Japanese (Meji) Yogurt
  2. Good bacteria: choose Bifidobacterium (双歧杆菌 the type found inside infant’s intestines at birth, who also gets from mom’s breast milk).
  3. Within 1 hour taken out from supermarket fridge, store quickly in a cooling bag (with free ice cube pack from the supermartet, like NTUC Fairprice). The good bacteria survive only below 5C.



Two types of herb :
1. Soft – Add before serving 出锅前加
2. Hard – Cook together 一起炖煮

[Note] : French bouquet garni comprises parsley, thyme and a bay leaf.

1 Basil 罗勒 (Thail Basil 九层塔) :

2 Rosemary 迷迭香

1 Dill 莳萝

2 Thyme 百里香

1 Parsely 欧芹

2 Bay leaf 月桂

2 Oregano

2 Sage 鼠尾草