4. Short-cut Tips 偷呷步

1. Food
Devein Prawn

Remove Fish Bones

Non-Stick Frying Fish

Non-Stick Frying Meat

Expressed Greenbean Soup

Soften Hardened Bread

Cook Bok Choy Technique

Cook Broccoli Technique

麥芽糖鹵豬脚 Stewed Pork Knuckle with Maltose

How to cut mango ?

– 生粉 (aka 太白粉 aka 地瓜粉, Potato flour): 适合当天吃完的菜 或
– 薯粉 (aka 玉米粉, Corn flour): 适合菜吃过夜
– 水 : 粉 = 肉菜(1:2) 或 汤 (1:3)
– 熄火, 边勾芡边搅均匀。

注意: 勾芡汤汁时, 太白粉像透明漿糊, 玉米粉 corn flour 较佳

2. Household
Do Everything Faster

Fold Shirt In 2 Seconds

Iron Shirt In 5 Minutes

Toilet Wall Removing Moulds With Tissue Papers

Remove Smells In Shoes With Tissue Papers

Recycle Plastic Bags

Packing Business Suit In Luggage

Packing Compact Lugguage

3. Exercise
Tie Shoe-lace In 1 Sec

Six Accupuncture Points For Longevity

Climb staircases at ease with both hands holding buttock

4. Others
Cooling Hot Air Inside Car

Photogenic Technique

Seal Aluminium-foil Bag Without Clip

♧ Beauty: 10 Secs Remove Sagged Chins

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