Mulberry 桑椹

To grow Mulberry 桑椹, easier to start a small plant with roots.

I tried the method with branches (also possible) but failed.

My wife harvests the mulberry fruits, also makes tea with its fresh leaves (if stomach / intestines sensitive, then don’t drink this tea bcos too acidic 刺激肠胃).


桑椹(长寿果) Mulberry

家里花园里种的桑椹树成功长大,它全身是宝,又称”长寿果” ,日本人当”长寿茶” 喝。

有其利必有其弊,要注意什么副作用 (Side Effects) 吗 ?


桑叶茶的 副作用: 茶叶属寒,忌多喝

桑叶 制作 茶叶:蒸5分钟,炒干