Excellent Chinese Soup Bible (2nd Edition)

This Taiwan / Hong Kong author Ms Ji-Lin Wu (吴吉琳) published the 1st Edition which sold 100,000 copies. Now the 2nd Edition comes with 18 more local soup recipes for Singapore / Malaysia.

Her 150 + 18 recipes are simple to read for housewives, without too much TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) jargons. Most of the ingredients are available locally and cheap. The cooking steps are easy to follow, but as a lazy cook equipped with a French-designed (China-made brand ‘Supor’) Tefal 8-in-1 function ‘wonder’ ceramic rice cooker (S$88 available at Courts / OG), I intend to ‘automate’ the whole cooking process with its ‘SOUP’ function menu (3 hours) and ‘Preset’ Timer to make the task even easier for busy men. Ms Wu agreed with my idea, so let’s try it ! (Read my next blogs to showcase the experimental results.)

1. Drink soup before (not after) any meal: less hungry later and eat lesser (to reduce weight).

2. Chinese believe food (hence nutritious soup) nourishes the body (qi xue 气血) for anti-ageing and prevent illnesses. To be effective, drink soup 3 times a week.

3. Never keep soup in a fridge because the harmful ‘dampness / coldness’ (湿气 / 寒气) would seep into the body through soup even after re-heating. Best consume the soup when it is freshly made and hot.

4. (Grand-ma’s Wisdom 1) To keep the leftover soup over-night: Re-heat it to a boil before bed, then store it in a good thermal pot (焖烧锅) to keep warm, leave it at rest in room temperature – do not stir or touch it! Next morning re-heat it again before consumption.

5. (Grand-ma’s Wisdom 2) Cook red bean soup
To soften bean faster, put in the soup a small porcelain (ceramic) spoon to boil together.
Why ?
The reason is physical not chemical. Small porcelain spoon withstands high heat up to 1,000 degree C, light enough to ‘dance’ with boiling bubbles and stir the red (black, green) beans, break them to release starch faster, yielding nicer ‘sandy’ (起沙) bean soup (instead of the not-so-nice clear red bean soup).


I bought 2 copies at the offer price S$16.90 each (normal price $22.90), with her penned signature, at the Popular Bookshop Launch: Braddle Height Community Center on 4 Aug 2014 (7 pm) with a cooking demo.



Watercress Luohanguo Pork Ribs Soup 西洋菜罗汉果排骨汤


A. 西洋菜 600 g
B. 排骨 1 kg
C. 罗汉果 Luohanguo 1/2 pcs
D. Sweet 南杏 and Bitter 北杏 Almond 适量 (adequate)

1. 排骨川汤 (scald in boiling water for few mins),沥干 (drip dry).
2. 先煲滚水, 加(B,C,D), 煲约1 小时。
3. 最后加 (A)西洋菜, 再煲约1小时。
4. 加盐调味。

罗汉果: 清热凉血, 滑肠排毒, 嫩肤益颜, 润肺化痰。

西洋菜: 抗癌

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老母鸡汤 Soupe de Poule


老母鸡 (or Kampung chicken) 半只 (去皮)
奶白菜 (Baby Bokchoy) 300 克 (gm)
干贝 (Dried scallop) 5粒 (去柱筋, 剖半)
冬菇 6 朵
淮山 7 片
金华火腿 (ham) 50 克

1. 奶白菜洗净。腐烂菜叶有害身体(rotten nitrate converted to harmful nitrite)。

2. 奶白菜放入炖盅(double-boiler)内垫底,再放入其他材料。

3.注入沸水8分滿,加盖慢火炖(simmer on low heat) 3 hours。

4.下盐调味, 即可上桌。



芦笋”鱼头云” 汤 Fish Head Soup with Asparagus



芦笋 (Asparagus)150 克
松鱼头(Bonito fish head) 1 只
干橙皮丝 3-5 条
鸡高汤 250 cc

(A) 盐, 姜片, 葱段,

(B)白酒 少许

1. 松鱼头洗净。加 (A).隔水蒸30分至熟透。
2. 以汤匙挖出”鱼头云”(鱼腮两边的鱼肉)

3. 芦笋洗净飞水(drain dry). 倒入Grinding Machine, 加 鸡高汤, 研磨至细粉 (mince). 筛隔渣畄汁 (filter).

4. 热锅。倒入(3) 芦笋汤汁, 下(2) 鱼头云和(B)调味料。煮沸滚片刻, 即可上桌。

淡水鱼(松鱼,非洲鱼)去泥土味: 白醋腌半小时, 然后用水清洗。