3-Layer Electric Lunch Box

2-Litre Model (Amazon.cn):


This larger 2 littre Electric Lunch Box has 3 layers for cooking rice, soup and vegetable / meat concurrently. Ideal to cook for  2 to 3 persons.

Amazon China does not ship outside China. For Singapore residents, you can open a SingPost account at VPOST, free ship the item to VPOST China address, then VPOST will forward it to Singapore address in 2 weeks (by air) at their shipping rate.

Note: vPost new address:
My experience from Amazon.cn to vPost is: you have to pay vPost immediately when the item has been shipped from Amazon, then vPost will start shipping it to Singapore. Otherwise, vPost will delay shipment for months till they are paid.

For other destinations, you can try some Chinese 代購 (Buy For U) Portal like 淘宝, which charges a fee (5%) on total cost (item price + shipping cost).

1.6 Litre Model


2-Layer Sota Electric Lunch Box

Quite convenient to boil eggs, cook rice, soup, porridge, steam meat, fish and vegetables.

Safe for those (old folks, busy housewives, hardworking students) who are always forgetful to turn off gas. This electric lunch box automatically switches off when there is no water.



I bought this “mini 大同电锅” Sota Electric Lunch Box at Singapore Expo Exhibition Hall, also found it at the stall on the ground floor of Kovan Shopping Center last week. It costs S$50 in Singapore, only 2-layer model available at rare exhibitions. (See my next blog on larger 3-layer model from Amazon China.)

Highly recommended for overseas hostel students, office workers, travellers who cook from hotel room, and lazy cooks.