Watercress Luohanguo Pork Ribs Soup 西洋菜罗汉果排骨汤


A. 西洋菜 600 g
B. 排骨 1 kg
C. 罗汉果 Luohanguo 1/2 pcs
D. Sweet 南杏 and Bitter 北杏 Almond 适量 (adequate)

1. 排骨川汤 (scald in boiling water for few mins),沥干 (drip dry).
2. 先煲滚水, 加(B,C,D), 煲约1 小时。
3. 最后加 (A)西洋菜, 再煲约1小时。
4. 加盐调味。

罗汉果: 清热凉血, 滑肠排毒, 嫩肤益颜, 润肺化痰。

西洋菜: 抗癌

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西洋菜排骨汤 Pork Ribs Soup With Watercress

西洋菜 400 克
排骨 600 克
红萝卜 100 克 切块
无花果 5 粒
蜜枣 2 粒

(鸡脚 10 只)
(干章鱼 半只)

1 西洋菜多清洗几遍, 去掉泥土,寄生虫。
2 排骨, 鸡脚洗净川汤
3 煮滾半锅清水, 放入所有材料, 慢火炖 5 hours.
4 最后加盐调味。

西洋菜: 清热润肺, 化痰止咳, 利尿, 治疗肺热咳嗽, 鼻出血的蔬菜。抗癌


Watercress 西洋菜                  

Watercress is called “Western Veggie” (西洋菜) but nobody knows where and when it came from the west to China and Asia ?

Please add watercress to your diet, soup and/or stir-fry, as frequent as available.

UK Scientists say watercress is the new super food, able to prevent certain types of cancer. According to a study published this week in The BritishJournal of Nutrition, the consumption of a three ounce portion of watercress reduced the presence of a key tumor growth factor six to eight hours after eating the watercress in healthy patients who had previously been treated for breast cancer. The study was conducted by the Cancer Research Center at the School of Medicine, Southampton General Hospital in the United Kingdom and concluded watercress is as therapeutic as traditional drug treatmentswith tamoxifen & herceptin, commonly used chemotherapy drugs.   The study also said that through regular consumption, watercress”has the potential to confer valuable protection against cancer in general.”

“Watercress has the ability to turn off HIF1, a signal sent out by cells calling for blood supply,” said noted aging scientist Dr. Nicholas Perricone. When HIF1 becomes incorrectly regulated, otherwise harmless pre-cancerous clusters of cells have the opportunity to grow to form invasive tumors.

“Scientists have been looking for anti-angiogenesis agents for years because if we can turn off the blood supply, we can kill the cancer,” said Perricone. “And it looks like watercress can do that.”

Another study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in February of 2007 showed that, in addition to reducing DNA damage, a daily dose of watercress increased the ability of cells to further resist DNA damage that may be caused by free radicals.

In the study, 60 men and women, half of whom were smokers, consumed their usual diet plus 85-grams of raw watercress daily for 8-weeks. Blood samples were analyzed for plasma antioxidant status and DNA damage in lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell. Watercress consumption significantly reduced lymphocyte DNA damage. In the time of the Romans, Greeks and Persians watercress was used as a natural medicine, prescribed for migraines, anemia, eczema, kidney and liver disorder and tuberculosis (TB).