2. About Food

This blog is written in English and Chinese, with some French (for French cuisine).

If you are lazy to cook yet enjoy eating, this blog gathers all recipes from the author, Youtube, or cooking books, ranging from simple one-pot meals to hawker-style meals, all can be prepared from 10 mins to 30 mins, with minimum utensils:
– One rice cooker (capacity to immerce one medium-size chicken);
OR Portable Electric Lunch Box.
– One non-stick frying pan

Of course, you should have a small meat cutting knife, pairs of folks and spoons, plates, bowls for rice and soup, and the wonderful chopsticks (for Chinese food).

Ingredient-wise, stock in a small container (best is the A4-size printer paper carton box) these chinese cuisine must-have :
1. 醤青 (Light soya sauce)
2. 黑醤油(老抽) (Black soya sauce) (not to confuse with the sticky Sweet black sauce 黑甜醤)
3. 米酒(绍兴酒) (Rice wine: best is Shao Xing wine)
4. 麻油 (Seasame oil)
5. 五香粉 (5-fragrant powder)
6. 醋 (Vinegar)
7. 胡椒粉 (Peppers)
8. 细盐 (Salt)
9. 白糖 (Sugar)
10. 玉米粉 (Corn Flour); 太白粉 / 生粉 (Potato starch)

and spices / rice…

1. 蒜头 (Garlics)
2. 老薑 (Old gingers)
3. 䓤 (Onions) / Shallots
4. 白米 (White rice)
5. Couscous

These are best bought in small bottle / quantity, replenished every few months.


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