Couscous with merguez & chicken

Couscous aux merguez et poulet

[Merguez means Sausage in Arabic language.]

This Mediterranean North African (Algerian) Dish “Couscous” is healthy, quite popular in French cuisine.

How to cook merguez sausage

♢ 5 mins in a hot pan (no oil). Don’t over cook.

See also:

1. Couscous Salmon Salad

2. Merguez stuffed Squash:

Note: You can replace squash by oval-shape eggplant

Salmon & Couscous Salad

Couscous (\koos-koos) is a good healthy alternative of rice, and convenient too because it is instant to cook – I follow the Couscous package instruction: just pour hot boiling water (1:1) to couscous, covered with aluminium foil for 10 mins. Use a fork to fluff (搅绊松) it (optional to add butter or olive oil). Cover again till serving.

500 F = 260 C (Oven)

You can replace Salmon by Tuna, Sausage, Chicken breast, etc.

Couscous available at Cold Storage /MarketPlace / NTUC Fairprice Finest:


Couscous poulet merguez agneau

Merguez means Lamb Saussage in North African arabic.

This is a lazy packaged Instant Couscous.

The restaurant on the 3rd floor of the National Library (Victoria Street) used to serve this dish by the chef Susan Wong, who learnt French Cuisine for many years in France.

Singaporeans are unaware of this delicious Couscous dish, only see Couscous as a salad served in hotel buffets.