6. My Home Reunion Meals 家庭聚餐

6/8/2018 Clafoutis French Pudding8 /6 /2018 端午节晚餐07 April 2018 Easiest Homemade Duck Confit and French Onion Soup15 Apr 2017 (Easter Saturday) 什锦海鲜烩饭 Seafood Mui Fan应该饭和汤料分开, 吃的时候才淋汤料在饭上。避免太早淋, 饭吸干汤水后变粘稠。25 Mar 2017 (Saturday Dinner)Top Left: Buffalo Wings / Top Right: 卤鸭 Braised Duck / Bottom: Baked Stuffed Trio-Capsicums 烤酿三色灯笼椒11 Feb 2017 (六) 元宵节 & 生日蓝带鸡肉三文鱼卷 Cordon Bleu27 Jan 2017 (Fri) 除夕团圆饭 : 佛跳墙 “Buddha Jumps Over The Wall”31 Dec 2016 New Year Eve Dinner 25 Dec 2016 圣诞晚餐
Steamed Song Fish 松鱼 with sauce (The thyme 百里香 & rosemary 迷迭香 herbs from my garden).除夕 7 Feb 2016 (日) 盆菜image余仁生鲍鱼盆菜 (加料)1) 少许油爆香 姜葱蒜;
2)倒入余仁生鲍鱼盆菜 罐头 一半汤汁;
3) 加料: 大白菜铺盆底, 芋头(切丁), 蘑菇, 加热汤滚;
4) 加入罐头里的另一半汤汁和所有鲍鱼等好料, 加热到汤滚;
5) 铺在上面: 烧鸭, 虾, 椰菜花, 发菜, 煮2 分钟, 待虾变红色, 熄火上桌。
Note: 不要煮太久, 椰菜花会变黄, 虾肉变硬。2 Jan 2016 Bouillabaisse (French Fish Stew)image2013 CNY2 Dinner (年初二晚餐) by Chef (Trainee) William Wu1. French Hainanese Chicken Rice 法国海南鸡饭image2. Steamed St. Peter’s Fish 淸蒸吴郭魚 image3. Oyster Broccoli 蚝油芥兰 image4. Father’s Day (15/6/2014) by Chef Ting: Beef Steak with potatoes, mushrooms and broccoli.image5. Chef 珊珊 (Shandong 山东) 鲁菜
(26/7/2015)image蒜蓉生菜image东坡肉image可乐鸡翅image西红柿芙蓉蛋image海南鸡imageSG50 Ratatouille (8/8/2015)imageimage(16/8/2015)imageRoyal Brunch:image29/11/2014 Cupcake by Chef Ting

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