Salmon Velouté

Salmon Velouté (creamy sauce) cooked at home like a restaurant chef.

Normandy Cuisine (Pork, Salmon ) uses Apple Cider, instead of white wine.


7 steps to make Roux (1,2), then final Velouté (3-7).

French Shallots:

The shallots he used is French Shallots, not the NTUC local 红葱, less pungent smell.

You can get the French shallots at Citihall MRT Raffles City underground “Market” supermart.
$6.50 / bag of 20. (It was only $5 in June).

Otherwise , just use yellow Onion chopped finely .

生日快乐 萝卜面条

这个是现代 版 萝卜刻花 《生日快乐》面条👍

“面线”是 唐朝的 福建祖先从湖南省固守县 移民时,带来的湖南家乡特产 “挂面”。一千500年以来,福建 小孩子生日那天,妈妈一定要煮一碗 面线+2粒红鸡蛋给他吃, 表示 “不忘(家乡源)本”。
新加坡MG 这代以后,已经没有吃面线的传统, 改成 吃 McDonald’s or KFC 😆

娘惹肉丸汤(Bakwan Kepiting Soup)

我外婆会做这个“娘惹肉丸汤”, 她的特色菜谱:

1.“高汤”只单单用 酱青(生抽)+ 水 ,很稀释,味道清爽。

  1. 中型猪肉丸像 Ikea German meatball, 外表光滑。
  2. 最后上盘,香菜点缀。

可以用这菜谱复制 这道 失传的“娘惹肉丸汤”, 热天午餐的汤,很清淡解渴的😆

炒菜 “明油”

菜谱里说: 上盘前淋上 “明油“ ,就是这个吗 ?
我看厨师傅炒菜前,先烧热油, 再丢进一些香料,油里小火熬:一捆青葱,拍扁的蒜粒,“废物利用” 的香菜根(洗干净),{八角,丁香 …}。等香料变黄,捞起丢弃。明油乃成,装玻璃罐, 冰箱冷藏。

Easy Home Duck Confit

Duck Leg : S$4.90 at Sheng Siong super market. Remove excess fat under the duck skin and backside (smelly).

Cooking Methods:

1. Season for 20 mins : salt , pepper, herb (Thymes) .

2. Pan fry duck skin & both sides to slight brown, using the duck fat oil (pre-fried duck fat to ‘squeeze’ the oil).

3. Preheated oven 170°C.

4. Oven (skin face down) for 20 mins at 170°C

5. Skin up, 200°C for 5 mins (to get crispy)

6. To keep warm, leave the duck in the oven at 60°C for 10 mins before serve.

Air-fryer / Oven Pork Chop

This pork chop recipe really easy, tender yet not over cooked (ie tough meat).
Oven preheat to 190°C, 12 mins (half way flip the side).

Test with a thermometer the inside meat must be at 77°C to be safe for consumption – pork just cooked nicely, the sauce juice on top also bubbling.

Take out to let it rest on a grill rack under room temperature for another 2 mins (internally pork continues cooking with the residual heat).

Go with fresh fries , yellow beans (Yeo’s Can food), fresh salad, fried 荷包蛋 pocket egg .

A nice western dish I enjoyed very much during Army NS time in the Officer Mess (then $7 / pax in 1973, now ~ $14 in Foodcourt).

Raw pork chop (with bone attached) is cheaper at NTUC butchery counter (1 thin piece at $3).

This is Singapore Western food style for “Chicken Chop with baked beans & French fries & pocket egg”. Same plating 摆盘 for Pork Chop. Bun 圆面包 is optional, baguette is more convenient (buy easily from NTUC) to dip into the juicy sauce.