Bali Granola Breakfast

Smoothie Base:
1. Fruits: Banana + {red dragon fruit, raspberries, blue berries, strawberries}

2. Yogurt: Greece-made preferred (less waterly)

3. Milk

Topping :
– Nuts (crushed):  Pistachio {or walnut,  almond…}
– Fruits [(1) above)] : sliced

Garnishing: Mint leaves


斯斯有兩種,麥片有四種:Cereal、Granola、Muesli、Porridge 差在哪?

One-Pot Recipe(一锅熟): Spaghetti 意大利面

One-Pot (一锅熟) Recipe: (Enhanced Version)


1. Spaghetti
2. Salads: garlic,  onions, tomato, gingers, green-leaf vegetables (sweet basil or “Bok Choy” 小白菜)
3. Water (prefer Chicken / Vegetable / Seafood Stocks 高汤)
4. [Optionals 加料]: mussels (贻贝, “淡菜”) or clams (蛤蜊) or {chicken breast 鸡胸肉, lean pork 瘦猪肉, thinly sliced (切薄片) or minced (绞肉)}

Taste: salt, black peppers.

1. Cook to boil all ingedients in one pot.
2. When serve on a plate, topping the dish with some olive oil, cheese flakes (Parmesan or Parmigiano-Reggiano)


“煲3炖4” 成语 应该改为

煲1 = boil 1 hour
炖3 = stew 3 hours (隔水炖)

现代厨房器具 比用火炭瓦器 更energy efficient.

“熬”汤 是粤菜的功夫。大火煮开, 然后小火熬几个小时。