Save the Veggies Ratatouille [Vegan]

Clear away all the left-over veggies in the fridge before they turn bad with this delicious simple French Provencal dish “Ratatouille”.

1. Oven Method :

400 F = 200 C

2. French Simplified Ratatouille (One Pot Cooking Method)

3. Creative Ratatouille (“Confit Byaldi” created in the Disney Movie) :


Simply Delicious Chinese Chicken Chow Mian Recipe

炒面 Chow Mian is a simple Chinese dish, easy to cook, but to cook well is a different story here…

This Chef patiently shows you the steps, from cutting the veggies, seasoning the chicken meat, to using the “wok hei” (锅气 with sizzling sound) to cook in stages all the ingredients.

Note: Caramelize the noodles with a pinch of sugar added to the sauce.

Tip: The best type of noodles used for this recipe is “伊面” (Yi-Mian), just nice in thickness:

  • Hokkien noodles (福建面) too thick
  • Hong Kong noodles (香港面) too thin.



1. 锻练


2. 走路正确姿势:用胯带动腿, 如扁担挑水。就是太极拳的"马步"(Horse Steps)