How Singapore FRIED HOKKIEN MEE is cooked

This Singapore Hokkien Mee was invented in the 1980s, actually a Nyonya (娘惹) version of the traditional dark Hokkien Mee, with seafood (squids aka “sotong”, prawns), mixed lean yellow noodles with white Laksa noodles, simmer in stocks (高汤) made from prawn shells.

Notice the “secret” fish sauce for umami added in cooking, served with lime and the special chillie.

The Lost Singapore 1950s Hokkien Mee Recipe

1950s – 1970s Soupy Clam Hokkien Mee (extinct)

我要找回这”阿公”的味道 — 是1950s南洋目不识丁的苦力先辈在新加坡河畔发明的美味佳肴: 1. 肉骨茶 2. 捞鱼生 3. 海南鸡饭 4. 炒粿条 5.潮州鱼丸面/ 肉脞面

可惜问了几位50岁以下年轻的大厨师师傅, 都不知我所云的”古早福建面”是”啥米碗糕 “(福建话, 即: 什么東西)。哀哉!

The closest below (but inferior) is the 2010s Prawn Soupy Hokkien Mee: 不比古早的福建面, 用upeh leaf包, 火炭煮的圆型福建面, 和香喷喷的汤汁。

1970s – Now: Fried Hokkien Sotong Mee:

This type of Hokkien Mee with Sotong (Malay word: squid) appeared quietly in early 1970s. It is fried, also wrapped in upeh leaf (now by brown paper).

Long Razor Clams (USA):
There is one similar type of long clam in Singapore during 1950s – 1970s, used in charcoal cooking the soupy Hokkien mee wrapped in upeh leaf. Now extinct together with this nostalgic soupy Hokkien mee.

新加坡名称: 啦啦 = 大头 = 蛤蜊 (Clam) (\ge-li)

现在只有圆而小的种类。长的”啦啦” (蛤蜊 \ge-li)本地绝种了。

Common clams found today :

Another version of Hokkien Mee: Malaysia KL style with thick black gravy.



Great Hawker Food 小贩中心美食

If you are overseas Singaporeans, I bet you surely miss these local hawker dishes. Make them at home (overseas) with easy recipes from the Noob (Newbie) Cook blog:

Bak Chor Mee 肉脞面

Teochew Fishball Noodle 潮州鱼丸面

酱料 :
鱼露 1/2 茶匙
黑醋 1 茶匙
江鱼仔上汤 2 汤匙
叁芭辣椒酱/番茄汁 1 汤匙
(猪渣 1 茶匙)
猪油/葱油 1 茶匙