Home Cook Hokkien Mee

If dark noodle = KL Style

Singapore 1950s – 1970s Hokkien Mee was light yellow noodle color, added oyster (蚵 with long shell) and prawns, thick gravy. Serve in Orpeh leaf (乌芭叶).

– lard (猪油)香!


The Lost Singapore 1950s Hokkien Mee Recipe

1950s – 1970s Soupy Clam Hokkien Mee (extinct)

我要找回这”阿公”的味道 — 是1950s南洋目不识丁的苦力先辈在新加坡河畔发明的美味佳肴: 1. 肉骨茶 2. 捞鱼生 3. 海南鸡饭 4. 炒粿条 5.潮州鱼丸面/ 肉脞面

可惜问了几位50岁以下年轻的大厨师师傅, 都不知我所云的”古早福建面”是”啥米碗糕 “(福建话, 即: 什么東西)。哀哉!

The closest below (but inferior) is the 2010s Prawn Soupy Hokkien Mee: 不比古早的福建面, 用upeh leaf包, 火炭煮的圆型福建面, 和香喷喷的汤汁。

1970s – Now: Fried Hokkien Sotong Mee:

This type of Hokkien Mee with Sotong (Malay word: squid) appeared quietly in early 1970s. It is fried, also wrapped in upeh leaf (now by brown paper).

Long Razor Clams (USA):
There is one similar type of long clam in Singapore during 1950s – 1970s, used in charcoal cooking the soupy Hokkien mee wrapped in upeh leaf. Now extinct together with this nostalgic soupy Hokkien mee.

新加坡名称: 啦啦 = 大头 = 蛤蜊 (Clam) (\ge-li)

现在只有圆而小的种类。长的”啦啦” (蛤蜊 \ge-li)本地绝种了。

Common clams found today :

Another version of Hokkien Mee: Malaysia KL style with thick black gravy.



Great Hawker Food 小贩中心美食

If you are overseas Singaporeans, I bet you surely miss these local hawker dishes. Make them at home (overseas) with easy recipes from the Noob (Newbie) Cook blog:


Bak Chor Mee 肉脞面

Teochew Fishball Noodle 潮州鱼丸面

酱料 :
鱼露 1/2 茶匙
黑醋 1 茶匙
江鱼仔上汤 2 汤匙
叁芭辣椒酱/番茄汁 1 汤匙
(猪渣 1 茶匙)
猪油/葱油 1 茶匙