10 surprising facts about Julia Child


American “Goddess” Chef Julia Child, Woman of the Year in “Times Magazine”, she brought French Fine cuisine to the American household kitchens. Her love of cooking began in the WW2 China where she worked as the intelligence agent against Japanese.


Julia Child – Bouillabaisse à la Marseillaise

“Bouillabaisse” (French Fish Soup ) – [pronounced as “boul-ya-best”]

法国名菜 – 原本是法国南方地中海的马赛(Marseille)海港穷渔夫们发明的鱼汤, 捕鱼船底丢弃的新鲜鱼头, 鱼骨, 整只小鱼, 番茄, 便宜的淡菜贝类, 小虾等, 用香料, 橄榄油熬制的浓稠热汤, 高雅又美味。不逊给新加坡的印度名菜 “咖喱鱼头” (Curry Fishhead) !

祝大家: 2016 年年有馀 (鱼) !!

[S$42 a dish for 2 pax in local French restaurant]


1. Local Seafood (not expensive type, preferred without tiny bones) :
◇ Big Fish head, fish body bones,
◇ Whole medium fishes (整只)
◇ Mussels (淡菜), &/or Clams (蛤) [or buy pre-cooked NTUC frozen package imported from New Zealand]
◇ Scallops (干贝),
◇ Prawns,
◇ (Optional): lobster (龙虾), crab (螃蟹), abalone (鲍鱼), squid (乌贼), sea cucumber (海参)…

注意顺序 (大约45分钟) :
1 鱼头等硬肉的鱼先煮20分钟后,
2 才放肉软的整只中小鱼,
3 最后15分钟放入淡菜蛤等贝壳类,
4 最后3分钟煮快熟的干贝, 虾。

2. Herbs:
◇ Garlics
◇ Onions
◇ Saffron* (藏红花) – Attention: (Avoid all spices like saffron which may cause miscarriage during pregnancy) ,
◇ Parsley (芫茜) & / or Thyme (百里香)
◇ Fresh tomatoes
◇ Tomatoes paste (to thicken the soup)
◇ Small quantity of other dry herbs (10-mixed-herbs bottle available in any supermart). eg. Bay leaves (月桂叶), dill (莳萝), fennel (茴香), pepper, coriander seeds, etc.

3. Olive oil, Salt

4. Croutons (Baguette 切片 烘脆)

Cooking Duration: 45 mins

Learn from Julia Child, the best american French Chef (Times “Woman of the Year” for revolutionalised American kitchen after WW2)


Local Fish Selection:


Simplified Bouillabaisse (Fish Stew) by UK celebrity cook Jamie Oliver.

1. Seafood :
◇ fish (slices, skin crossed //),
◇ squid (inner crossed x),
◇ mussels
◇ clams
◇ prawns
◇ optional: scallop / crabs / lobster

2. Herbs: fennel (or pasley or dill), garlic, chilly

3. Timotoe paste, lemon

4. Olive oil

5. Croutons

Julia Child The American French Chef- Your Own French Onion Soup

Julia Child was a legendary american lady who became a French Chef against all odds. She worked as a USA spy in WW II based in China where she was first attracted to food by the Chinese cuisine, then after the war living in Paris where she enrolled herself in “Le Cordon Bleu” French Chef School. She was honored as the Cover Lady of the Time Magazine for transforming Americans’ kitchen, also received Honorable Doctorate Degree from Harvard University.

We were taking the hot French Onion Soup in a Parisian restaurant, near the 1,000 year-old Cathedral “Notre Dame de Paris” (where Victor Hugo’s story about the “Hunched man and the Beauty” took place), in cold 2005 winter. With the melted cheese and french bread covering the serving cup of onion soup, it was very delicious!


I had a very late lunch with my family who visited France first time. The restaurant’s garçon (waiter) was a young French man who kindly accepted us in. I gave him €20 for tips, fully satisfied with the lunch and his service. He was quite surprised: “C’est pour moi ?” (It is for me ?)

For lazy cook, you can now buy Australian Campbell’s canned French Onion Soup, served with off-the-shelf croutons (or equally good to substitute by 油条 ) :





Best Seller Book:
Mastering the Art of French Cooking (2 Volume Set)


Julie & Julia

Watch the 2009 Meryl Streep Movie: “Julie and Julia”: