Crispy Roti Prata with Sugar

I can’t take curry so this crispy roti prata with sugar is a new ‘invention’ like the Chinese onions pancake 葱油饼

Next time I will add some extra stuff inside: ham, onions (葱), chives (韭菜)。

Heat the package roti prata one piece at a time in the Philips Air Fryer (pre-warm for 10 mins) at 180 C for 15 minutes.

Served with sugar.


Frozen Roti Prata Package available at NTUC supermarkets : (or Home-made Simplified Roti Prata in Overseas)


Fusion Cuisine Idea: : Cut the big prata into smaller rounded size, then heat it in the Air Fryer by the above method. Serve it ontop of hot French Onion or Pumpkin (金瓜) or Mushroom Soup.


Entertainment: Flying Roti Prata